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Samsung PC Studio Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Have all your media content and applications accessible in all your devices

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Samsung PC Studio is the official program developed by Samsung designed to control your mobile device from your computer. With this software, you can synchronize your emails, calendar items and contacts, as well as to backup information and manage multimedia or short messages. Most of the platforms are compatibles, so the user will be able to have this software in different PCs, and transfer data between devices when they need it.

Being one of the most famous mobiles developers in the world make this suite an essential tool when it comes to connecting your device data to your PC in a few steps. Thanks to this utility, with this download you will be able to transfer your mp3 files, your videos, photos and even apps to your computer in a few easy steps.

Although the suite provides users with easy transfer process between devices, its interface is still something Samsung need to fix as soon as possible. For users, its appearance is not the best part of the software, since it is not as well organized as other mobiles managers.

Anyway, Samsung PC Studio allows you to easily pass all your information instead of deleting stuff you may need in the future.

How to use this free to download software

When you connect your mobile phone, the program automatically detects it. Once it is running, it helps you synchronize the contents and apps step by step in an easy way. The suite is able to copy and create music files directly on your phone, and even to convert audio files into different formats. Using drag and drop, there is the possibility of transferring even icons and widgets on the screen.

You can manage the phone’s Internet connection, accessing to the websites you want, using your mobile as if it was a modem device. This connection can be made using Bluetooth, a serial cable, an infrared port or a USB cable. It is a useful application for Samsung mobiles and you can easily manage the options offered in it.

If you want to change your multimedia files, you also can by the “Multimedia Manager” function. With this function, you can import music files from any device (even CDs), edit them and send them back to your mobile phone. With its built-in media player you can also play your multimedia content.

Samsung PC Studio Features

These are the main features that this program includes in its latest version:

  • Three kinds of connection available: Bluetooth, Infrared connection and USB cable
  • You can use your mobile as a modem in order to connect it to the Internet when you want
  • Backup of all files you have on your device (even SMS)
  • Folder-transfer to your PC from your phone by drag and drop (even apps)
  • Wallpaper creator from images of your computer that you can add as a background to your mobile
  • Built-in media player

If you want further information about this program before the download, feel free to check the .

Mínimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to install this software are listed below:

  • Processor: Pentium 600 MHz or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space
  • Graphic Card compatible with DirectX 9.0 or higher

Choose your download:

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sx7yg8jlzn29yc15ts1a.exe exe 54.62MB 3.20 N/A Windows Download
sg4lsh49umg8ce289ss4.exe exe 64.63MB 3.2.2 N/A Windows Download
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